Programmes and Fees


Farm Stay

We Can also take students on a weekly basis. This programme is for any age and suits people who love animals and want to learn how to care for them. We spend time on a farm feeding watering and keeping farm animals clean. We also focus on the care of poultry and small pets. English lessons and cookery lessons are included but optional.

Excursions include visiting Dublin Zoo, a reptile zoo, pet farms, working farms and a wildlife sanctuary.


Discovery Programme

We can also take students on a weekly basis. This option is a personal development programme. We try to combine a persons interests and talents with the outdoors. They experience new ways to channel their emotions in a positive way.

We provide a wonderful challenging fitness programme and English lessons are optional but at no extra cost. Trips include mountain hikes, coastal walks, nature trails, Caves and heritage tours.


Look Listen Learn

We also take students on a weekly basis. This is our most popular programme and Look Listen Learn is ideally for students who wish to stay for 6 months plus. There is a school term option but working in a small group setting works best with Look Listen Learn.

There are multiple trips around Ireland discovering caves, castles, museums, many heritage sites and amazing cliff walks.