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Our family has hosted students regularly for the past 16 years but this is the first year to start up on our own with this variation of learning Programmes. The recommendations here are real and the people and places are real. These photographs are our guarantee to you that we provide a wonderful educational experience for all and  assure you that you will Look Listen and Learn in a unique unforgettable family environment.

Silvia Vázquez, I’m from Spain.

Two years ago my husband and I decided to send our eldest daughter to Ireland, where she spent a hole school year in Deborah Keegan’s home. She had a fabulous year, you can imagine. And Deborah had very much to do with it: she was so willing, kind, helping, and caring with her. She always treated our daughter as a family member, and she literally showed her the hole country!! She always kept us parents updated, and treated our daughter with utmost hospitality. So much, that we didn’t doubt last year and sent our youngest daughter; whom is now staying for a hole school year at Deborah’s house, also having a great year.

Sarah Leidl

I am from Austria and I stayed in Ireland for 10 months in 2015/16 with Deborah and her family. I had the best time of my life! There is no better possibility for improving your English than living abroad with a native family. I have found a second home in the house of the Keegan’s during my stay. Deborah is the best host mom you could imagine! She literally showed me the whole country. We travelled to nearly every county in Ireland which all have to offer amazing sights and we even travelled to London for a week! Also at home she cared for me as if I was her own daughter. She bought me little things from time to time, never hesitated to drive me to places I needed to go to and her meals are super delicious. They also own a farm with many different kinds of animals and have a lot of dogs. During my stay they had puppies as well. It is a great experience going there if you are an animal lover!

If you think of going to Ireland to improve your language I highly recommend Deborah and her family to stay with. I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life!

Patrizia from Switzerland and Guilia from Italy

We all had an amazing experience with Deborah and her family.
She brought us on many enjoyable trips all over Ireland.We visited caves,Castles,ancient burial sites,cliffs of Moher and the Giants Causeway among some of the many beautiful sights of this country.Our English has definitely improved and we would advise anyone to contact Any host Ireland to learn better English while discovering many Irish attractions.