Summer Camp Ireland

Summer Camp Ireland

Finding a great summer camp for your child is a difficult task for most parents. Your aim is to make them independent, learn and create good memories in their holiday period, isn’t it?

Anyhost Ireland provides a great opportunity to send your child or teen for a short and exciting summer camp at Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful island that is infused with wonderful nature and extensive wildlife. If you are tired of hectic city life and want your child to stay in the laps of nature, our student trip in Ireland will be a fantastic choice for him or her this summer vacation.

Who are we?

We are a small family whose aim is, to provide kids, adults and elderly with new educational programs especially focusing on teaching through the English language. We aim to teach students through practical methods which makes learning fun and easier for them.

It is true that staying away from home is challenging for some but through our testimonials you will find reassurance and comfort seeing the words wrote by our previous students who found another home away from home.

Your child will immerse themselves in culture, language and also gain lifelong friends from different parts of the world.

Your child is safe with us!

If security is your concern, we assure you that your child is absolutely safe with us. Our students safety is of utmost importance here and as we take only limited amount of students, we can monitor each and every camp participant closely.

Learn by being close to nature.

Amidst the routine of hectic lives, some find it hard to make time to let your children observe the natural wonders of outdoor beauty. Fortunately, Ireland is one among those countries in the world, which are bestowed with natural beauty and culture. Our homestay is amidst lush nature and your child will get an amazing chance to observe this natural beauty every day. So along with a fantastic learning curriculum, your child is having a chance to stay amidst precious wild life and nature. There are many spots of religious importance too and we will take children there as well with no extra fee!

No hidden costs.

At Any Host Ireland you can select your own program and once you pay the package fee, we will take care of everything and you need not pay anything extra. Here at Anyhost Ireland we do not want your extra money; we want your happiness and friendship!

The tradition of family host programs is gaining vast importance given the benefits and we are proud to be a part of this squad.