What we do and why?

We offer a unique experience like no other hosting company does

Everything is arranged and tailored to suit your needs. You choose us and you choose your programme. For example some students only want sightseeing trips and some only want lessons. A student can work in a small group or one to one with a qualified TEFL teacher.

Anyone that wants to improve their writing reading and talking skills can benefit from staying with Anyhost. We cater for everyone and we understand that everyone has different needs. Your stay in our family home will be an amazing journey of discovery and more importantly you are learning in a fun environment.

We strongly believe that when a person sees a tangible

object or a wonderful sight their brain processes these images and stores them in their long term memory making them retain information knowledge and skills for an unlimited amount of time.

So therefore this learning strategy a combination of sightseeing and the educational support of look Listen Learn actually works.

These programmes involve many trips of historical places of interest

Combined with English lessons daily. Its also less expensive to homestay so we encourage parents that are thinking of sending a loved one to improve their English in a family home to choose one of our programmes as we run frequent excursions and we do not charge any extras or have any hidden fees. Another unique addition to our homestays is we regularly update families on their child’s progress and send photos of their trips. We are always available for our students and their families. Large companies cannot offer this personal touch. Emails are sent weekly and all students have 24 hour access to wifi so they can stay in touch with parents and friends.

We offer three programmes and alter each one to suit each individual. Our name is Any Host Ireland and we are named this because you choose to Homestay, Farmstay, Schoolstay or a combination of all three.