Who we are?

We are a Small Host

We are a small family that welcomes people into our home to help them improve their knowledge of the English language and also enjoy our culture and traditions from the past. Nature and animals are very important to us and preserving and exploring our heritage is a very valuable pastime. Our family has always had guests from other countries so we decided to combine our love of the land and historical trips with English lessons for students of all ages that want to discover Ireland in the comfort and safety of a family home.

Westmeath is a County known as the sacred centre of Ireland. The legendary Hill of Uisneach dates back 5000 years and its ancient structure the Catstone attracts many tourists every year. Saint Patrick climbed this Royal hill in the fifth century. Come see the same striking views that he witnessed. A harvest festival from days of old is still celebrated annually here. The fires of the Bealtaine harvest burn brightly every May and people gather to enjoy music and listen to folklore as our ancestors before us did. We are steeped in history and tradition here and we do not forget our past. Heritage centres have been built and recreate our relics from the past so we can look Listen and learn.

Our family invites you to walk in these ancient footsteps. Look at our beautiful land, listen to the sounds of nature and Learn our language.

It’s our pleasure to show you our culture and to cook your meals and spend time getting to know you. We are a small family but we think big and spend our time focusing on you getting the best possible learning experience that we personally offer.

Our promise to you is we make education fun and no one else is offering this unique fantastic value for money educational homestay. There is a constant stream of English being spoken written and read.we learn indoors and outdoors surrounded by stunning coastlines and haunting ruins.The wide range of excursions is not available anywhere else. Everything is organised by us for you and your enjoyment is paramount. Our programmes are designed by us for you. Our Philosophy is Look Listen Learn.